Cataclysm Priest 1 -85 leveling guide

Published: 17th February 2011
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Cataclysm Priest 1 -85 leveling guide

Priest are one of the Best classes at the moment, they will allow you to become a great raid healer or dps (damage) that every raid will want. The priest, like other classes have gone through a quite some changes in Cataclysm, one thing that certainly did not change is the general rule that less down time and higher dps will result in faster leveling.

Both the holy and discipline trees have been buffed with damage making them usable for leveling although they are still not the best choice for leveling. Shadow spec was and still is the best choice for leveling a priest. However, keep in mind that if you are a fan of the random dungeon system it is always much easier and faster to queue as a healer than a dps. Always consider having dual spec on a priest for running random dungeons. The fact that blizzard was wise enough to put in a talent in the shadow tree that will convert your spirit to hit will surely remove any gear problems you might have for running a dual spec.

Shadow priest damage is much higher than that of a holy or discipline priest while still providing you with enough self healing and mana regeneration to avoid any downtime.

Shadows priest also have great cc with there aoe fear and great defencive abilities with dispersion, making them very hard to kill. If you think you might play on a pvp realm or you already are then it's good to know that priest are not an easy target to gank, and can normally trun these situations around.

If you confused in where to put your talent points and you need a spec to look at check the following out:

Shadow build for leveling if you plan on facing quite a bit of PvP situations :

It has same core talents as the first one but with more crowd control, interrupts and mobility making you even harder to gank.

By having a spec that allows you to have the talent twisted faith you will be able to wear gear with spirit on it without having to worry about hit for shadow, this is great because you will be able to have a duel spec and have a healing holy or discipline spec and have great healing. Here is how those healing specs should look like:

For discipline spec: For holy spec :

Of course many of the core talents have to stay but there are a couple of points that you can mix and swap. In order to offer a second talent build for questing besides shadow you might consider going discipline and use holy fire / smite combo for killing purposes, but I don't suggest it, as it is way slower than just running shadow.

If you are shadow as your leveling spec and you have an ff healing spec then I highly recommend going discipline to 75 then after that respec holy becuase with the changes in cataclysm holy is better with lower level gear, and disc only gets good at about 350 item level plus.

To summarize, for leveling your best choice is going in shadow spec. Whether you're on a PvE or PvP realm, as a shadow priest you will have least trouble leveling. Make sure you pick up duel talents if you can, this will make and give you the fastest leveling spec ever, allowing you to dungeon and solo level fast.

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